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Boracay Packages

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Boracay Packages are created by TravelOnline Philippines Travel Agency which is a local Philippines travel agency located in Metro Manila. Boracay resort packages and boracay hotel packages include everything you need for your special boracay vacation getaway.

Every aspect of your Boracay Beach Package is covered by a professional Travel Agent who will assist you all the way. Package prices are not posted on the site due to the constant changing of the price therefore inquiring for your favourite boracay resort or boracay hotel will assure you the cheapest boracay package on or off the internet.

Our package price is also guaranteed lower than the boracay resorts themselves! We at TravelOnline challenge you to get a package quote anywhere and just simply submit that quote to our reservation department for verification. Once verified, you will receive a lower quote immediately. Please take note that packages can be mixed any way that you desire. If it be room only, air tickets only, no breakfast, ect. its your choice!


What's in a Boracay Package?

Boracay Packages usually consist of the following:

1. Round Trip Airline Tickets
Manila-Caticlan-Manila or Manila-Kalibo-Manila (routing through Cebu is available) There is usually at least 10 flights a day to Caticlan via SeAir and Asian Spirit

Recommended Route - Caticlan: Fly SeAir Airlines and get FREE PTA (counter ticket pick-up) or FREE ticket delivery to your home in Metro Manila. Fly Asian Spirit Airlines get FREE ticket delivery to your home in Metro Manila. Special delivery and hotel delivery available. TravelOnline Clients ONLY

2. Transfers (Land and Sea)
Door-To-Door Service provided by Travelonline which includes transfers from Caticlan or Kalibo Airport to the Boat Jetty then transfers from the Boat Jetty by sea to Boracay Island. Once you arrive at a Boracay Island Boat Station, you will be transferred to your resort of that was purchased.

3. Room Accommodation
All packages to any resort give you the freedom to purchase any room category that fits your vacation budget. Extra request are welcome for all TravelOnline clients along with our help hotline that is available if special help is required while on your vacation.

4. Daily Breakfast
Daily breakfast is usually a set breakfast either American Style or Filipino Style. Note: Some resorts have specialty breakfast designed to match there resort atmosphere.

5. Welcome Drinks
The Resorts usually give you a refreshing tropical drink when you arrive at your room.

6. All Government Taxes
Government Tax is 12% - may vary, but most all or the purchases through Travelonline include all taxes and Service charges by the resort.

7. All Resort Service Charges
Resort Service Charge is 10% - Not all Resorts charge this percentage.


Special Boracay Tip

There is 2 Airports/routes to Boracay:

1. Caticlan Airport Route
2. Kalibo Airport Route
Recommended Route: Caticlan Domestic Airport

1. Caticlan Airport Philippines
: Recommended Airport/route due to the 2-5 mins. land transfer from Airport to Boat Jetty.
SeAir Airlines, Asian Spirit Airlines and Interisland Airlines fly to Caticlan Airport. Asian Spirit operates 48-seater DeHavilland Dash7 aircraft while SeAir operates the "NEW" Dornier 328 32 passenger aircraft and the 19-passenger L410 UVP-E aircraft and Interisland airlines operates a 30 passenger jet aircraft (only jet to Caticlan). The flight time for Asian Spirit and Interisland is approximately 1 hour while SeAir has a "NEW" 35 mins. flight to Boracay. (SeAir Airlines has the fastest Boracay flights and TravelOnline has the cheapest boracay tickets)

TravelOnline highly recommends SeAir - South East Asian Airlines 35 Minutes flight to Boracay. Flight time is only 35 mins. which is just right. By the time the aircraft reaches its cruise altitude it is already time to descend down to Caticlan Airport.

2. Kalibo Airport Philippines: Not Recommended due to the 2 hour land transfer from Airport to Boat Jetty by bus
Philippines Airlines, Air Philippines and Cebu Pacific fly to Kalibo. They all operate the Boeing 737 150-passenger Jet Aircraft. The flight time is approximately 1 hour. Due to the size and weight of the aircraft, they are not allowed to land at Caticlan Airport, Philippines.

See actual distance via Satellite

 ***TravelOnline Note: When you take the Kalibo route many hours are lost in transfers and when you return to Kalibo Airport the return times to Manila are usually early which means you have to leave Boracay Island around 5am to make it 2 hours before your flight thus wasting your whole day transferring again. If you are staying for 2 nights/ 3 days you will loose a whole day on the Kalibo route shortening your vacation.
Why Start or end a beautiful relaxing vacation with a 2 hour + bus ride!